Borderline Personality Disorder, Chronic back pain, Dissociative Identity Disorder

Feeling meh

Today has been slow, I haven’t had any sleep due to my back, nor has Adam, he also had back pain.

 Yesterday all my alters came out, it was confusing for Adam, first Lauren came out and she was feeling flat as usual, she was mucking around with scissors and Adam her “life saviour” took them off of her which just made her run back into her shell, she doesn’t feel worthy of his love.

Leilani came out to tickle and cuddle into Adam her “Daddy” after talking for a bit she expressed that she was hurt from the last time she came out, she told him that she was sexual, but deep down she wasn’t, so she tried it for him, and it hurt her. She expressed that and broke down crying since she hid it from him. She ended up sleeping afterwards.

This is the confusing thing for Adam, he thought we were all going to sleep (the body) but nope, Lucy came out to serve Adam, her “Sir” they had their play time, and went to sleep afterwards, little did Adam know, the body didn’t sleep, my back was playing up much that I just could not get to sleep, so here I am laying in bed trying to keep the weight off of my back, unsuccessfully.


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